@Sheriffayed I can't stop giggling at this pic 😂 #ThisShouldBeThePosterForDumbAndDumberer                  

RT @Sheriffayed: Behind the scenes of the Nissan shoot with @WonhoChung go to http://t.co/VBiig6v5Ce and #TakeAStand #NissanMe http://t.co/…                  

After ten days of canceling shows due to sandstorms, snowstorms and being sick, I'm (almost) back on… https://t.co/YOaQDuUgMb                  

#tbt to when I was 8 years old with school friends #ThrowBackThursday لما كان عمري ٨ سنوات مع أصدقاء المدرسة http://t.co/jAnOztO8KW                  

Finished a radio interview with @DubaiEye1038FM w/ Jason & Zahra كنت ضيفا على إذاعة عين دبي ١٠٣.٨ مع جيسون و زهرة http://t.co/yRp391KYMl                  

مين حابب يربح هاي السيارة؟ Who wants to win this car? شوفوا المناظرة بيني و بين شريف فايد و صوتوا… https://t.co/DZQJs6yAsG                  

مين حابب يربح هاي السيارة؟ Who wants to win this car? شوفوا المناظرة بيني و بين فهد و صوتوا للشخص… http://t.co/8GBIQ3PhbJ                  

مين حابب يربح هاي السيارة؟ Who wants to win this car? شوفوا المناظرة بيني و بين تيم الفلاسي و صوتوا… http://t.co/VTlPS0GD2y                  

It's been exactly one year today #ElBernameg #BassemYoussef لقد مرّ عام كامل بالضبط اليوم #البرنامج #باسم_يوسف http://t.co/RSowq84333                  

Finished performing at the cool @eClubQ8 in #Kuwait #eClubQ8 إنتهيت من تقديم عرض كوميدي بمطعم #eClubQ8 بالكويت http://t.co/Wxhjsao8Kg                  

RT @GrandParkPal: We are honored to present the great comedian @WonhoChung for the first time in #Palestine. #GrandParkPal http://t.co/2dA…                  

Good afternoon from #Kuwait السلام عليكم من #الكويت http://t.co/qlpCpuPl3V                  

RT @NissanME: تابعوا مناظرة @taimalfalasi و @wonhochung و #خذ_موقف لفرصة ربح سيارة نيسان جوك http://t.co/IbJXjk4KFm… http://t.co/JLQyddhRbt                  

Good morning.. Off to #Kuwait ✈️ صباح الخيرات.. متجه إلى الكويت قريبا ✈️ http://t.co/mwaOOmDxXR                  

متحمس لعروضي الثلاثة بالكويت إبتداءًا من الغد ١٩/٢/٢٠١٥ بمقهى و مطعم #eClub للمعلومات و الحجوزات ٠٠٩٦٥٢٤٩٥٨٧٩٩ http://t.co/pS73F6SpA3                  

Wonho Chung was born in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia on October 22, into a musical and rather different family. His father is a prominent physiotherapist from South Korea and his mother is from Vietnam. Although he grew up in an Asian household, Chung’s upbringing was completely Arab, having been brought up in Amman, Jordan.

He graduated from the Applied Science University in 2004, and then moved to Dubai during the same year to pursue a career in media. Chung’s comedy career began in November 2007 when Showtime Arabia approached him to join the Axis of Evil comedy tour as the “Korean” they were looking for. They originally wanted a North Korean to complete the Axis, but instead settled for a South Korean, who speaks Arabic. He toured with the Axis of Evil comedy tour for a month, performing in 27 shows infront of 20,000 people collectively, in Jordan, Egypt, Kuwait, Lebanon and Dubai.

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