Done performing at the @osloff what a great crowd, I couldn't have ushered in my birthday with a…                  

RT @shockallocca: Just hanging out with @WonhoChung. NBD. #OsloFF                  

With actor Jeffrey Wright @jfreewright at the @osloff #norway مع الممثل جيفري رايت بمنتدى أوسلو للحرية #النرويج                  

RT @violetblue: At Oslo city hall in the Nobel reception room, with @EricMichaud @wonhochung and @senchaC #f                  

...and we are reunited after many months, happy to see you again @DrBassemYoussef at @OsloFF #Norway #inspiration                  

و ها نحن نلتقي مجددا بس هالمرة بالنرويج منور متل العادة يا باسم يوسف #منتدى_أوسلو_للحرية @DrBassemYoussef @OsloFF                  

تاني يوم من منتدى أوسلو للحرية، و غذا مع ناس قصصهم نادرة. هذا منتدى مهم لحقوق الانسان و يشرفني ان أكون هنا #النرويج                  

2nd day of @osloff having lunch with some of the most inspirational people in the world #oslofreedomforum14 #norway                  

Arrived to Oslo and checked into the hotel, thanks for the hospitality @osloff looking forward to an…                  

صباح الفل، متجه اليوم إلى العاصمة النرويجية أوسلو 🌞 I'm flying to Oslo, Norway to join the lovely people at @OsloFF                  

I will be flying to Norway tomorrow and I'm honored to have been asked to perform at the Oslo Freedom Forum @osloff looking forward to it!                  

I will be flying to Norway tomorrow and I am honored to have been asked to perform at the Oslo Freedom…                  

Haircut day before traveling tomorrow with the best hairdresser in the world "Yumi" from @salonnadeshiko #mydubai                  

صورة لي و أنا عمري سنة مع أمي حبيبة قلبي و أخواتي الاتنين بالأردن. شكر و احترام لأمي و أبي اللي ربوا…                  

At @knotstandard getting my tuxedo made for @abudhabiff wearing my @jaegerlecoultre watch #JLCandCinema #ADFF14                  

Wonho Chung was born in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia on October 22, into a musical and rather different family. His father is a prominent physiotherapist from South Korea and his mother is from Vietnam. Although he grew up in an Asian household, Chung’s upbringing was completely Arab, having been brought up in Amman, Jordan.

He graduated from the Applied Science University in 2004, and then moved to Dubai during the same year to pursue a career in media. Chung’s comedy career began in November 2007 when Showtime Arabia approached him to join the Axis of Evil comedy tour as the “Korean” they were looking for. They originally wanted a North Korean to complete the Axis, but instead settled for a South Korean, who speaks Arabic. He toured with the Axis of Evil comedy tour for a month, performing in 27 shows infront of 20,000 people collectively, in Jordan, Egypt, Kuwait, Lebanon and Dubai.

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