Yes I am flying again, I should probably live at the airport, now at the airport lounge with @JBMStudio take off soon                  

RT @BTS_Eventology: Thank You @WonhoChung for playing a big part in this great success! We love you! #AngerManagement #ComedySession #Amman…                  

Take off Amman ✈️ Dubai متجه من عمان ✈️ دبي                  

Thanks to @BTS_Eventology for a great show & thanks to all those who attended, your energy was amazing, I ❤️ #jordan                  

Backstage with @MazJobrani at the comedy show yesterday in Jordan بالكواليس مع ماز جبراني أمس بالعرض الكوميدي بعمان                  

@BTS_Eventology great show indeed @MazJobrani I was happy to see you after 5 years, can't believe it's been that long, hope to see you soon!                  

With the lovely Layla Audi who came to my show today 💚 مع حبيبتي ليلى عودة إللي إجت على عرضي اليوم 💚                  

بعد العرض بعمان مع الحبايب #الأردن After the show with the fans #jordan                  

بعد العرض "بحبكم كتير كتير كتير كتير" #الأردن After the end of my show, I love you #jordan                  

خلف الكواليس قبل العرض بالأردن و ماز جبراني نايم Backstage before the show in Jordan and @mazjobrani is jet-lagged                  

خلف الكواليس قبل العرض بالأردن Backstage before the show in Jordan                  

Backstage with my good friend @mazjobrani @behindthescenesjo #amman خلف الكواليس مع صديقي ماز جبراني بالأردن #عمان                  

غدا اليوم منسف #عمان #الأردن Today's lunch is #mansaf #amman #jordan                  

Can't wait for the Anger Management show tonight #behindthescenesjo #amman متحمس اليوم لعرض أنغر مانجمنت بالأردن                  

خلال التدريبات لعرض أنغر ماناجمنت الكوميدي الليلة #عمان During rehearsals for tonight's Anger Management show #Amman                  

Wonho Chung was born in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia on October 22, into a musical and rather different family. His father is a prominent physiotherapist from South Korea and his mother is from Vietnam. Although he grew up in an Asian household, Chung’s upbringing was completely Arab, having been brought up in Amman, Jordan.

He graduated from the Applied Science University in 2004, and then moved to Dubai during the same year to pursue a career in media. Chung’s comedy career began in November 2007 when Showtime Arabia approached him to join the Axis of Evil comedy tour as the “Korean” they were looking for. They originally wanted a North Korean to complete the Axis, but instead settled for a South Korean, who speaks Arabic. He toured with the Axis of Evil comedy tour for a month, performing in 27 shows infront of 20,000 people collectively, in Jordan, Egypt, Kuwait, Lebanon and Dubai.

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