August 2012 in Berlin with one of my bestest @hassanelshafei أغسطس ٢٠١٢ ببرلين مع أعز أصدقائي حسن الشافعي                  

Picked up my bespoke tuxedo from @KnotStandard and I'm ready for the @Esquiremag "Best Dressed Man" event on 29/4/14                  

@Hassanelshafei @kfourywael @NancyAjram @Ahlam_Alshamsi انا مش مصدق انوه حسن الشافعي عمل سلفي!! عالعموم..منورين يا جميلين                  

RT @DrBassemYoussef: #باسم_رئيسا_لمصر تريندج عالميا في اقل من ١٥ دقيقة :) فيلا و يخت لكل مواطن                  

مقال عن دوري بفيلم إماراتي و بحفل ملكة جمال لبنان الأسترالية و تكملة جولتي الكوميدية العالمية                  

Sunset at @zabeelsaray by @Jumeirah #mydubai غروب الشمس بفندق جميرا زعبيل سراي اليوم #دبي                  

An article in @gnreaders #tabloid about my Emirati film debut in atobfilm directed by afmfilms,…                  

My thoughts and prayers are with the families who have loved ones involved in the #Sewol ferry disaster #SouthKorea                  

قدمت عرض كوميدي خلال إطلاق سيارة هيونداي جينيسيس بالكويت Performed at the launch of Hyundai Genesis #Kuwait                  

RT @GulfNewsTabloid: UAE-based Arabic-speaking comedian @WonhoChung to make #Emirati film debut in @afmfilms' next h…                  

RT @FilFan: بالصور: ونهو تشونج ينتهي من تصوير بطولته السينمائية الأولى مع شادي ألفونس @WonhoChung…                  

Off to Kuwait ✈️ متجه إلى الكويت العزيزة ✈️                  

I guess @LeoDiCaprio is looking for me 😂                  

Behind the scenes: @atobfilm by @afmfilms #fromatobfilm كواليس تصوير فيلم "اي تو بي" للمخرج علي مصطفى                  

Behind the scenes: @atobfilm by @afmfilms #fromatobfilm كواليس تصوير فيلم "اي تو بي" للمخرج علي مصطفى                  

Wonho Chung was born in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia on October 22, into a musical and rather different family. His father is a prominent physiotherapist from South Korea and his mother is from Vietnam. Although he grew up in an Asian household, Chung’s upbringing was completely Arab, having been brought up in Amman, Jordan.

He graduated from the Applied Science University in 2004, and then moved to Dubai during the same year to pursue a career in media. Chung’s comedy career began in November 2007 when Showtime Arabia approached him to join the Axis of Evil comedy tour as the “Korean” they were looking for. They originally wanted a North Korean to complete the Axis, but instead settled for a South Korean, who speaks Arabic. He toured with the Axis of Evil comedy tour for a month, performing in 27 shows infront of 20,000 people collectively, in Jordan, Egypt, Kuwait, Lebanon and Dubai.

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