Stand Up Comedian, Host, Actor & Singer

Chung is an award winning and critically acclaimed stand-up comedian, singer, musician, interviewer, actor and media personality. Born to South Korean and Vietnamese parents in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and raised in Jordan, he learned to speak Arabic as his native tongue. 

Wonho’s fluency in the language of the region and immersion in its culture from childhood have given this multi-talented entertainer a unique Asian-Arab perspective, enabling him to make a strong connection with Arabicā€speaking audiences around the world.



Wonho Chung Live Kuwait City, Kuwait | Ramallah, Palestine | Jerusalem, Palestine | Dubai, UAE | Toronto, Canada


Anger Management Amman, Jordan
Oslo Freedom Forum Norway
Wonho Chung Live  Ductac, Dubai
Festival du Rire Marrakech,  Morocco
Wonho Chung World Tour  Khorfakkan, UAE | Sydney, Australia | Kuwait City, Kuwait


Wonho Chung World Tour London, UK | Toronto, Canada | New York, USA | Doha, Qatar | Palestine | Montreal, Canada


World Travel Awards  Dubai
The Comedy Hangout  Kuwait
Wonho at Madinat Theatre Dubai


World Travel Awards Dubai
Chung in Town  Saudi Arabia


World Travel Awards  Dubai
Wonho Chung Live in Damascus  Syria


Amman Stand Up Comedy Festival  Amman, Jordan
Just for Laughs  Montreal, Canada


Friday Night Live  Minorities  Rule, Middle East
Wonho at Madinat Theatre  Dubai


Axis of Evil Tour  Amman | Cairo | Dubai | Beirut | Kuwait


Wonho Chung's record breaking performance at the Comic Strip Live in New York (the oldest comedy showcase club in the world) made him the first comedian to ever perform a full stand up comedy set in the Arabic language in the club's history. 

Soon after, the DVD release from that milestone performance in New York hit the Middle Market in September 2014. It is being sold regionally in many outlets including Virgin Megastores. It is the first time that an Arabic language stand up comedy DVD is released in the Middle East.

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“Wonho Chung in New York City – LIVE at the COMIC STRIP” is currently being shown on Video On Demand on seven international airlines: Etihad, Singapore Airlines, Qatar Airways, British Airways, Lufthansa, Royal Jordanian and Emirates.


Classically trained vocalist Chung has ventured out into music on several occasions and released two recordings to date. 

Laylitna – Ramzi, featuring Wonho Chung
Mr. Simple – by Alaa Wardi and Wonho Chung


Chung has appeared on various TV productions in a presenter capacity.

ShowMeMore -  Won On One  Showtime Arabia
Al Fursa - Judge On Panel  Sama Dubai TV
Inside Asia  Al Dawri Wal Kas
Koree Mish Koree / Shouf Korea  Al Aan TV
Wonho Around The World  Al Arabi TV

In March 2014 Wonho got invited to appear on Al Barnameg, a popular Egyptian talkshow, hosted by Dr. Bassem Youssef, the “Middle Eastern John Stewart”. More than 64.5 million vierwers tuned in, making it the episode with the highest viewership in the show’s history according to NileSat. As a result Wonho’s social media traffic exploded over night.

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Zaid Kurdi, owner of Dollar Films, offered Chung a role in a Talateen Febrayer. Directed by well-known Egyptian film director Motaz Al Touni, the production wrapped in 2012 and was very well received by critics and the audience alike.

From A to B by prominent Emirati Film Director Ali F. Mostafa was given the honor to be the opening film for the Abu Dhabi Film Festival (ADFF) 2014. A double honor, since it was the film’s worldwide premiere as well. It was Wonho’s first collaboration with Mostafa and his second appearance in a full feature film.

In June 2016, during the month of Ramadan, Wonho appears in his first leading acting role, playing the the part of Issa / Jose in Saq Al Bamboo, the TV adaptation of the award-winning story by Kuwaiti novelist Saud Alsanousi. In the 30-episode drama series, directed by famous director Mohammed Al-Qafas, Wonho acts besides well-known Kuwaiti actresses Souad Abdallah, Shojoon Al-Hajeri, Fatma Alsafi, Reem Erhama, Farah Al Sarraf and Maram Bloushi.